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National property for lease, leasing by tender, leasing and rent calculation of national property

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National non-public use real estate for lease
No. Title Publish time
1 Q1: How does an applicant submit the proof of the time period of actual use of the national non-public use real estate he/she has actually used since the time before July 21, 1993 when applying for leasing it? 2020-06-22
2 Q2: Can national non-public use real estate be transferred or subleased to others? 2020-06-22
3 Q3: What can be done with a private house built on leased national land when the lessee needs to build a new construction or extension, or reconstruct or repair the house? 2020-06-22
4 Q4: When the lease term of the leased national land is about to expire, how can the lessee renew the lease? 2020-06-22
5 Q5: Can leased national farm, forest, and aquacultural land be used to build farmhouses or other facilities? 2020-06-22
6 Q7: The lessee of what kind of national land can enjoy preferential rent treatments? 2020-06-22
7 Q8: Is there a penalty for renting national land without paying rent by the deadline? 2020-06-22
8 Q9: Can the lessee arbitrarily transfer the leasehold right of national land? 2020-06-22
9 Q10: What consequence shall the lessee face if he/she does not arrange the leasehold right transfer together with the transferee within a month after transferring the leasehold right of national land? 2020-06-22
10 Q11: What shall happen if the lessee dies and the heir fails to arrange the change of the lease agreement of national land and the inheritance of leasehold right within six months? 2020-06-22
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