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Security Policy
Security Policy
Update: 2014-10-07

●Protection Measures on Internet Security
To ensure Website Security and the continuity on serving internet users, this website introduces the following security protection measures:
‧Use network intrusion detection system to monitor network flow rate, validate unauthorized uploads, webpage changes, and intended damages.
‧Install firewall to prevent both unauthorized intrusion on downloading or damaging data and website from unauthorized uses; so to protect user rights.
‧Drills on system recovery procedure of security-related issues, and introduce adequate security defense levels.
‧Backup all system data on daily basis to secure storage devices.
‧Run through system maintenance and checkup on schedule including abnormal data record analysis and recovery program updates.
●About Updates on Security Policies
Due to the fact that technology progresses rapidly, related regulations may not be revised completely, and unpredictable environmental changes in the future, this administration will reserve the rights to revise the security policies stated on the website to ensure your rights to internet security. As this administration completes revising on security policies, we will immediately post the information on the website, notably for your attention.
●Security Policy Inquiry
If you have any comment on security policies in this website, please feel free to contact us.
Release date:2019-10-16 Last updated:2022-11-21