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Contingency measures for cases of national non-public use real estate during the epidemic period

In response to the impact by the severe special infectious pneumonia, in cooperation with the national epidemic prevention, the public shall cut back business occasions involving person-to-person contact. In order to alleviate the public's burden, hereby the National Property Administration (NPA) explains the contingency measures of the NPA’s initiative for the handling of national non-public use real estate as follows:

Level 3 epidemic alert is not to be counted as part of the correction period or the payment (price) period:

The time limit periods for correction, payment of amount (price), soil pollution testing reports attached or execution of contract/notarization prescribed by each branch (office) of NPA, with respect to any related application cases, any cases of lease or sale by tender, shall exclude the continued period of the Level 3 epidemic alert announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center.

Release date:2022-03-14 Last updated:2022-11-18