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Web version of the national public property management system

In order to save the cost of developing and maintaining individual property systems for each agency, the NPA has developed a web version of the national public property management system. Each agency can connect to the database without installing application software or paying for maintenance to enter property information on the web page and produce related property accounts, cards, or tables of property management. The system is integrated with the ‘National Pubic and Enterprise Organization Property Online Transmission System’ developed by the NPA and land registration system, and the internal system link and verification function will alleviate the burden of typing and entering and prevent mistakes in account production.

If your agency has not started using the system to manage property or is still using the single machine version of the NPA’s national public property management system, or has any problem with the property management system, please contact the NPA to apply to access the system. If there is a need for assessment for suitability, please dial the customer service hotline (02)7737-0866, or visit the system’s website to download user’s manual for reference.

Release date:2020-10-13 Last updated:2022-11-18