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Green Beautification


        For the purpose of promoting the greenification and beautification of national non-public use land, the Administration has established the ‘Processing Principles on the National Non-public use Land for Green Beautification’ in which specific instructions are given for the national non-public use land which, during disposition or before usage, may, without paying management fee, be provided as commissioned management or adoption to various level of government agencies, public institutions, public or private person, non-legal entity groups which have a representative, or manager or person for green beautification. Those interested may apply at the branches (offices) of our Administration where said land is located. After review for compliance with the above processing principles, a commissioned management or adoption contract will be signed with the applicant for a duration of maximum of 6 years.

        National public use land managed by other agencies or schools may also be provided according to the ‘Directions for Free Utilization of National Property in Public Use’ for implementing green beautification. Please apply directly at each management agency of the national public use land.


Applicant duties, responsibilities, and related restrictions

        The applicant may use only the national land provided by the branch (office) of the Administration for planting flowers, grasses, trees, or environment maintenance. The duties, responsibilities, and related restrictions are as follows:

  1. Due diligence for care as the manager.

  2. No building, constructing obstacle, setting up shops, parking lot, storing disposed waste, excavating stone and gravel, changing original terrain, sabotaging original forest terrain, providing use to certain parties or any other actions that may produce revenue, nor any violation of laws and regulations is permitted.

  3. The cost of green beautification or environment maintenance is to be borne by the applicant according to relevant laws and regulations. Signage should be erected at the suitable locations. If the green beautification, maintenance, or signage erection results in damage to other party’s rights, the responsibility for remuneration falls on the applicant without any right to request the branch (office) of the Administration for the responsibility.

  4. Providing national land to a third party is prohibited. (If the commissioning party is the local government, after acquiring the approval by the branch or office of the Administration, the local government may outsource the green beautification or maintenance to a third party.)

  5. During the time of green beautification, there is no need to pay for the land usage to the branch (office) of the Administration. The planted flowers, grasses, and trees will be the national property. The applicant can not exert any right nor request any payment or remuneration from the branch (office) of the Administration.

  6. At the termination of the contract, except plants deemed by the branch (office) of the Administration to facilitate land management and maintenance, the land should be vacated and returned to the branch (office) of the Administration within 15 days. If any breach of contract occurs, the applicant is responsible for damages. 


Inspection of the usage

        During the time of green beautification, the branch (office) of the Administration should inspect in writing or send personnel to check on the condition of land usage periodically or from time to time.


Laws, regulations, and executive rules

  1. Article 13 of the National Property Act

  2. Processing Principles on the National Non-public use Land for Green Beautification


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Release date:2020-06-19 Last updated:2022-12-21