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Press releases
No. Title Publish time
1 Description of the Revitalization of Real Estate in Guangfu New Village, Wufeng District, Taichung City 2023-03-13
2 Accelerate Promotion of National Property Operations by Integrating and Connecting to Graphic Information from All Agencies 2023-03-06
3 The National Property Administration's (the NPA) Original Office Building Reconstruction Project is Expected to Re-offer for Investment at the End of February 2023 2023-02-20
4 Public-private Collaboration between the National Property Administration (the NPA) and EPGs to Protect National Forestland in Tianliau, Hsinchu 2023-02-08
5 Lessees of national lands in areas stricken by torrential rains were assisted by the National Property Administration (NPA) in handling measures for rent reduction and exemption 2022-12-12
6 Amendments to the Regulations for Exchange between National Non-public Use Real Estate and Other Real Estate were made by Ministry of Finance (MOF) to enhance the benefits of utilizing national real estate 2022-12-12
7 In coordination with the renewable energy development policy of the government, the National Property Administration leases 6 pieces of National Non-Urban Lands for the establishment of solar photovoltaic equipment by tender 2022-10-17
8 National Property Administration (NPA) assists those lessees of national lands who were affected by the earthquake in Hualien and Taitung areas in handling related measures, such as application for rent reduction or exemption, and home rebuilding. 2022-09-29
9 The National Property Administration adopted relevant measures in response to the amendments to Article 73-1 of the Land Act by the Legislative Yuan 2022-09-20
10 The National Property Administration (NPA) announces the leasing of national non-public use lands through tendering for the installation of solar photovoltaic equipment, as well as the leasing of national non-public use cultural assets (real estate), through tendering 2022-07-11
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