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Press releases

No. Title Publish time
1 National Property Administration (NPA) assists those lessees of national lands who were affected by the earthquake in Hualien and Taitung areas in handling related measures, such as application for rent reduction or exemption, and home rebuilding. 2022-09-29
2 The National Property Administration adopted relevant measures in response to the amendments to Article 73-1 of the Land Act by the Legislative Yuan 2022-09-20
3 The National Property Administration (NPA) announces the leasing of national non-public use lands through tendering for the installation of solar photovoltaic equipment, as well as the leasing of national non-public use cultural assets (real estate), through tendering 2022-07-11
4 In response to the national green energy policy, the National Property Administration established a new system for fish farm and electricity production cooperative relationship on state-owned lands for farming and aquaculture to give equal consideration to fish farmers’ interests and facilitate the diverse use of national lands for the creation of joint benefits. 2022-06-16
5 The new office building of the National Property Administration introduced private sector participation to launch the clean procurement platform and create joint prosperity and joint benefits. 2022-06-16
6 Simplify the Delivery for Land Use for Various Purposes to Improve the Management Function of National Properties 2022-03-25
7 Work with Local Governments to Jointly Develop National Lands, Promote Industrial Development and Economic Prosperity 2021-12-21
8 Comprehensive Appropriation Directions Are Beneficial for Agencies to Acquire National Properties for Various Projects 2021-12-17
9 The National Property Administration leases 7 pieces of National Non-Urban Lands for the establishment of solar PV facilities by lease by tender. the photovoltaic companies are warmly welcome to make a bid for these parcels 2021-10-01
10 Relevant Measures of Rent Reduction to Assist Lessees of National Lands in Disaster Areas Struck by Torrential Rain 2021-08-25
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