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Handling of illegally occupied national land
No. Title Publish time
1 Q1:How is the compensation for the private occupation of national land calculated? 2019-11-13
2 Q2:When an occupant acquires the ownership of above-ground objects on the occupied national non-public use land for less than five years, will the compensation for use of the occupied non-public-use national property be calculated from the actual date of acquisition of above-ground object ownership? Can the original owner of above-ground objects claim compensation for use of such property for a term of five years? 2019-11-13
3 Q3:Does illegal occupation of national land constitute criminal liabilities? 2019-11-13
4 Q4:It is clear that the compensation for use of national land is five percent (5%) of the government assessed land value. Will there be punishment for overdue payment? 2019-11-13
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