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Organization System Charts

Organization System Charts


Under the Director General, there are two Deputy Director Generals and their Assessment Committee of National Property. And the Chief Secretary.is under the Deputy Director General

The business departments are as follows,
.Receiving and Custody Division (It includes Receiving Section, Cadastral Data Section and Clearing Section)
.Management and Disposals Division (It includes Management Section, Leasing Section, Sales Section and Disposal Section)
.Development Division (It includes Planning Section, Utilization Section and Construction Section)
.Public Use Property Division (It includes Public Property Section, Allocation Section and Quarters Section)

The staff departments include Secretariats, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Accounting and Statistics Office, Legal Office and Information Management Office.

The development branches are Northern Region Branch, Central Region Branch and Southern Region Branch.

Release date:2019-10-16 Last updated:2022-12-22