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    In accordance with Article 47 of the National Property Act, the Ministry actively collaborates with the competent authority of relevant industries to jointly develop national land, such as the building and operation of hotels, leisure and recreational parks, recreational zones or the development of malls, markets, cinema complex, software parks, industrial zones, creative cultural and industrial zones, and long-term care centers. The numerous successful cases demonstrate how the government is able to achieve on many fronts by attracting private investment and the participation of professionals, promoting the major works and industries planned by the competent authorities, activating the economy, increasing sustainable revenues and tax collection, and providing a better living environment for the general public.

     By the end of May 2020, 61 contracts for the improvement and utilization of national non-public real estate were signed with the competent authorities of relevant industries, with an estimated total income of NTD30 billion, attracting NTD127.8 billion in private investment and creating 40,400 job opportunities. Among them, 46 cases have completed tendering by the relevant competent authorities and 15 cases are currently accepting bids.

Release date:2020-06-22 Last updated:2020-06-22