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Early Warning Case: When a reporting citizen gives a present to a case official, this may involve the crime of offering a bribe to ensure no breach of official duties. (2015-04-29)
  1. Summary on Deferred Prosecution Case:
    In 2012, when an office of this agency was carrying out an arable land inheritance contract changing investigation, a citizen gave colleagues a sealed envelope with NT$6,000 in it. Colleagues thought that the envelope contained additional documents and took it back to the office. After opening it, they discovered the cash in it. They immediately reported this to the Civil Service Ethics Office and filled in the “Registration Form on Receiving Presents, Banquets, Influence Lobbying and Other Clean Government Affairs.” Prosecutors completed the investigation on Dec. 25, 2014 and the citizen was charged with offering bribes without violation of duties according to Paragraph 2, Article 11 of the Anti-Corruption Act. After reviewing the related situations, the citizen was sentenced with deferred prosecution.
  2. B. Reminder from the Civil Service Ethics Office: 
    According to Paragraph 2, Article 11 of the Anti-Corruption Act on “offering bribes without violation of duties,” it states, “With regard to persons engaging in an act belonging to his or her duties mentioned in Article 2, such as making unlawful demands, promising or taking bribes or engaging in other malpractices for unjust gains, he or she shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of less than three years, detention, and may also be punished by a fine not to exceed NT$500,000.” Therefore, citizens visiting government offices are reminded to submit applications according to the administrative operating procedures, and “are not required to” and “are not allowed to” give money or other unjust benefits to public servants. 
Release date:2019-11-18 Last updated:2019-11-18