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Application for purchase by project


National non-public real estates may be sold by project with the approval of the Ministry of Finance under any one of the following circumstances:

1.    National houses using the land of others may be sold to the owner of such land.

2.    The unsold construction site of sold national houses may be sold to the present owner of such national houses.

3.    The national share of shared property may be sold to other common owners.

4.    National property within the range of an approved development project may be sold to the project developer.

5.    Non-cemetery land for burial use with existing tombs may be sold to the owner of such tombs.

6.    National property in other circumstances may be sold to users with actual needs under the following uses or with special locations or status:

(1)    National land occupied by private legal buildings with difficulty in recovery.

(2)    National land mixed with private land and unavailable for individual use.

(3)    Land required for running utility business as determined by the competent authority of the target business.

(4)    Land required for provision for use as determined by the related competent authorities.

(5)    Land with special situations as determined by the Ministry of Finance based on facts.

Release date:2019-11-14 Last updated:2022-12-21