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Description of the Revitalization of Real Estate in Guangfu New Village, Wufeng District, Taichung City

  The Central Region Branch of the National Property Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Central Region Branch) has been actively planning the restoration and re-utilization of the national real estate in Guangfu New Village, Wufeng District, Taichung City (hereinafter referred to as Guangfu New Village). The goal is to revitalize cultural heritage and promote utilization efficacy of the cultural heritage, and avoid the deterioration of idle property.

  Guangfu New Village is a group of former dependents’ residences of the Taiwan Provincial Government. It is zoned as a residential zone and land for urban roads in the land use zoning for urban planning. The Taichung City Government (hereinafter referred to as the City Government) announced that the estates were registered as cultural landscape on September 18, 2012. There are 144 national houses in the area. The Central Region Branch agreed to sign a contract with the City Government where the subject of the management contract is to entrust the management of 260 pieces of national land in the Xinsheng Section of Wufeng District, Taichung City with the land number 282, and 125 buildings of national houses with the building number 233, with the City Government. The contract will expire on May 14 this year (2023) (the current contracted 120 buildings with a contract period of 2 years). According to the protocol in the entrusted management agreement, the City Government shall only use the land to tidy up and maintain the environment or for greenification and beautification purposes, and shall not provide it for a third party’s usage. In addition, the other 13 pieces of national real estate within the Xinsheng Section of Guangfu New Village was in the improvement and utilization contract signed with the Labor Affairs Bureau and the Indigenous Peoples Commission of Taichung City Government for the “Youth Entrepreneurship Policy” project (improvement and utilization contract termination date: October 1, 2025) and the “Llyung Startup Cluster” (improvement and utilization contract termination date: December 31, 2041). Real estate that is not included in the contracts will be provided for usage in accordance with the improvement and utilization contract.

  The National Property Administration (hereinafter referred to as NPA) stated that the Ministry of Finance ordered the formulated “Instructions for National Non-public Use Cultural Heritage for Lease by Tender” to be issued on July 19, 2021. The winner of the tender can be selected through a selection mechanism of co-evaluations by experts and scholars, taking into consideration that by introducing private resources to restore and re-utilize estate in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act, cultural heritages can be revitalized and regenerated in the long run; national management burdens can be reduced; and an all-win situation can be achieved. As the Central Region Branch plans on recovering real estate in these entrusted management contracts, it sent out a notification to the City Government on November 1, 2022, stating that it would recover the management of the real estate when the entrusted management contracts come to an end on May 14 this year. The contract for 5 of the buildings was terminated early. Announcement for the lease by tender of the national non-public use cultural heritage was made in November 2022. After the tender and the evaluation and selection, the winner was determined. A contract was signed on February 24 this year, and the tenant scheduled the start of the construction for March 21 this year. Subsequent affairs regarding the restoration and re-utilization shall be carried out by the tenant in accordance with the City Government’s Cultural Landscape Preservation and Conservation Plans. The Central Region Branch will select national real estate units that have no specific use or plan for use this year, and conduct the lease by tender of cultural heritage units in groups.

  The NPA further stated that it has assisted the International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) private entities currently in use of the estates. This year, on March 7, it explained to these organizations and reached a consensus that these private public welfare organizations should submit documents which authorities of target enterprise need to provide and certify estates for their usage, and apply for the lease in accordance with regulations stipulated in Subparagraph 6, Paragraph 1, Article 52-1 of the National Property Act and Subparagraph 6, Paragraph 1, and Subparagraph 4, Paragraph 3, Article 55-1 of Regulations for the Enforcement of National Property Act. The Regional Branches will continue to assist similar organizations to obtain their legal rights to use the estates.

Contact person of the press release: Yang Li-Sheng, Section Chief

Tel.: +886-2-27718121 ext.1241

Release date:2023-03-13 Last updated:2023-03-20