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Work with Local Governments to Jointly Develop National Lands, Promote Industrial Development and Economic Prosperity

  The National Property Administration (the “NPA”) recently worked with local governments in two national land development projects. After the impact of COVID-19, such projects help to invigorate the development of local industries. The NPA worked with the Kaohsiung City Government and Pingtung County Government to introduce industries related to tourism and leisure. Through process improvement and utilization of cooperation, private enterprises were attracted to participate and invest in developing national lands, facilitating the building of major local construction projects and creating a prosperous regional economy.

  According to the NPA, to reinforce the software and hardware equipment service functions of Xingda Harbor and promote local industrial development related to marine tourism and leisure, the Kaohsiung City Government jointly developed national non-public use lands of approximately 6.35 hectares around the Xingda Harbor area, in combination with national public-use lands of 4.68 hectares in the vicinity, and held a public bid for private participation with the NPA to build a shipyard and a yacht marina. To reinforce the functions of the central business district in Pingtung City, Pingtung County Government plans to build hotels, a shopping mall complex, multi-function exhibition and banquet spaces, and other facilities on national non-public use land of 2 hectares within the business area of Pingtung City, to invigorate local economic, tourism, and business activities and facilitate regional development. It is estimated that these two projects alone may attract private investment of NT$6 billion, create a total output value over NT$41.5 billion, and provide 1,422 employment opportunities.

  The NPA further explained, the production capacity of countries worldwide is slowly resuming after the outbreak of COVID-19, but structural changes have also occurred to industry structures. The central and local governments can, through the joint development of national lands, prepare a blueprint for future industrial development to respond to the evolutionary changes in the global economy. As of the end of October 2021, the NPA had signed contracts with the competent authorities of the respective industries for 67 projects, including industrial parks, commercial facilities, tourism and leisure facilities, transportation construction, renewable energy, and other industrial categories. Such projects reflect the demands of both land activation and industrial development, which in turn bring benefits for the central and local governments, investors, as well as consumers.

Contact person of the press release: Division Chief: Huang, Ching-Hsien

Tel.: +886-27718121 ext.1311

Release date:2021-12-21 Last updated:2022-09-20