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Application for lease of national sites


Those who have utilized the real estate in deed before July 21, 1993, and are willing to pay the compensation for the occupying period.

Rent calculation

1. Monthly Rent = Declared Land Value of the Year × Leased Area × 0.05 ÷ 12.

2. During the effective term of the tenancy, the rent should be changed accordingly after a change in the declared land value or the rent rate of direct lease (i.e., 0.05) by law.

Rent discounts

1. A 50% discount for self-use residences (leased area under 300m2) or for arcades used as public passages.

2. Only one discount may apply to one leased property at a time. When the cause and fact of a rent discount extinguishes (e.g., land use change to non-residential use or withdrawal of household registration), the corresponding rent discount will end from the date of extinguishment of its cause and fact.

Release date:2019-11-14 Last updated:2022-12-21