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The Promotion of Administration Operation Transparency Policy Guidelines for agencies and organization affiliated to the Legislative Yuan (2017-01-20)

  1. According to the investigation results mentioned in the letter issued by the National Audit Office on June 15, 2015, it pointed out that many agencies’ understanding of administration transparency was limited to the scope of active announcement of information enumerated in The Freedom of Government Information Law, failing to review the operation procedure and identify the potential risk and the possibilities of affecting the government’s credibility. They merely released the necessary items according to The Freedom of Government Information Law, failing to review the internal control system and standard operating procedures and review the operating procedure to render the formation of gray areas in existing operating procedures. They are unable to supervise and authorize externally to reduce corrupt behaviors.  
  2. According to Article 10 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, it is necessary to implement necessary measures to promote the transparency of administrative agencies. To consolidate the requirements above, according to the decision of the 23rd meeting of the Internal Control Promotion and Supervision Team, Executive Yuan, “The transparency of administration shall be listed as a sub-item in the goals prescribed in internal control laws to achieve the ends of a corruption-free government. Guidelines regarding internal control will be revised for agencies to follow.” In addition, The Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice was assigned to make related principles regarding the administration transparency, its implementation and procedures for the references of affiliated agencies of the Executive Yuan. 
Release date:2019-11-18 Last updated:2019-11-18