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Job rules and procedures

vRegulations and process

1.    Basis: Grievances are addressed according to the “Regulations for Handling Public Grievances of the Executive Yuan and Its Agencies” and the “Regulations for Addressing Public Grievances of the Ministry of Finance”.

2.    Purpose: To listen to public opinion and enhance communication and exchange with the public in order to relieve civil resentment and improve NPA service quality.

3.    Applicability: General public.

4.    Scope: Affairs in relation to national property.

5.    Undertaker: Secretary Office of NPA

6.    Handler: Responsible units of respective business items.

7.    Meeting venue: Conference Room, 3F, NPA 2nd Office. Please notify the applicant and all related divisions and offices for a schedule change.

8.    Interviewer: Director-General, Deputy Director-General, or Secretary-General. In addition, the undertaker and handler should send staff to the meeting to help answer related questions.

9.    Process (application procedures)

(1)  Application by citizens: Citizens can visit the NPA website to make an application online or fill in the Appointment Form (Annex 1) and fax or mail it to the NPA to make an application.

(2)  Acceptance of application:

1)  After accepting an application, the Secretary Office should hand over the applicant’s grievance and relate data to the business handler to investigate the causes and make comments.

2)  An application will be rejected if the grievance is under any one of the following circumstances, and the Secretary Office will notify the applicant.

(a)    Matters unrelated to NPA’s duty.

(b)    Absence of facts and the applicant is unreachable during NPA’s opening times with the provided phone number.

(c)    The name, address, phone number or email provided in the grievance is faked or anonymous or untrue.

(d)    A litigation of the grievance is under progress or a court judgment of the grievance has been made.

(e)    The grievance is involved with an administrative relief (in progress) or a case with a verdict.

(f)     The grievance is involved with private right disputes.

(g)    The recurrent grievance of a grievance that has been settled properly or clearly addressed.

3)  If a grievance is within the jurisdiction of a NPA branch or office, the Secretary Office may directly refer the case to the corresponding NPA branch or office after consulting with the applicant.

4)  After an application is accepted, the Secretary Office should arrange a meeting according to these Regulations.

(3)  Meeting notice

1)  The Secretary Office should inform the applicant of the time and place of the meeting and notify the business handler. If the meeting is rescheduled for some reason, the Secretary Office should notify the applicant by phone or other means.

2)  If an applicant unable to attend the meeting as scheduled for some reason, he/she may cancel the meeting by phone or other means two days before the meeting time. If an applicant fails to attend the meeting, his/her application will be canceled.

(4)  Process after the meeting

1)  The Secretary Office will send the meeting minutes (Annex 2) to the applicant by post.

2)  The Secretary Office is responsible for the follow-up.

10.  If an application cannot be closed within 30 days after the next day of acceptance, the applicant should be informed of the reason(s) for delay in writing.

11.  These Regulations will be implemented after the approval of the Director-General. Matters not provided for in these Regulations will be reported to the Director-General for approval before amendment.


Appendix I Registration Form(DOC)

Appendix I Registration Form(ODT)

Appendix II Minutes of Meeting