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Single Window Service Counter


Item One-Stop Services
1 Receipt of Rental Application
2 Lease Renewal and Change
3 Rental Billing and Payment
4 Amendment to and Issuance of Lease
5 Application for Re-Issuance of Lease
6 Cases regarding changes to the address plate or corresponding address of leased houses
7 Provisions regarding the applications for rent discount upon payment and contract assigning for a rental case
8 Rental Application Status Enquiry
9 " Property Cadastration Information Enquiry 
  (Exclusive of Personal Information)"
10 "Provisions regarding the applications for installments for 
rent and use compensation payments upon payment and
contract assigning for a rental case"
11  Receipt of Purchase Application
12 Amendment to For Sale Case and Bill Issuance
13 Application for Purchase Order Enquiry
14 Billing and Payment of Compensation for Utilization
15 Self-Pay Survey of Land Boundaries
16  Assistance for Land Section Number Enquiry
17 Seal for Re-survey Refund Application Form
18 Application for Land Re-survey
19 Assistance for Enquiry about Village of Property Location
20 Printing of various application forms
21 "Mail Services for All Types of Application Forms
 (Exemption of) Filling in Application
forms for Applicant"
22 Cross-jurisdiction contract services
23 Consultation services
Release date:2020-02-22 Last updated:2020-02-22