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Online application


Item Online services provided by our Branch
1 Tenant application for periodic contract renewal of state-owned (house) land 
2 Tenant application for rent discount for state-owned residential land 
3 Tenant application for change of private house number of state-owned land 
4 Tenant application for the issuance of consent to land use rights of state-owned land 
5 Tenant application for agreement to transfer the lease of state-owned real property 
6 Tenant application for replacement of lease agreement of state-owned real property 
7 Tenant application for change of address or contact number of state-owned real property 
8 Tenant application for automatic direct payment of rent by entrusting financial institutions to state-owned non-public premises
9 Application for replacement of the payment notice for state-owned land
10 Application for boundary survey of land lease
11 Application for lease by tender of state-owned property 
12 Application for agreement of deposit payment prior to the issuance of consent for land use rights
13 Application for loans for purchasing real properties
14 Application for postponement payment from purchasing real properties
15 Application for replacement of certificates for the transfer rights of real properties
16 Application for sale through tendering for state-owned real properties
17 Application for receiving information regarding open tendering( email)
18 Successful bid application for loan
19 Successful bid application for boundary survey 
20 Application for environmental beautification
21 Report occupying state-owned real properties
22 Application for inspection of occupation  
23 Application for state-owned stocks, golf club memberships, club memberships
24 Application for state registration for unregistered land
Release date:2020-02-22 Last updated:2020-02-22